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Welcome to ‘World Court of Public Opinion‘, where we work to give victims of sexual violence, abuse and assault a voice and hope for justice. It’s time to expose the injustices happening around our World today. We need to be educated about the important issues affecting our civil and human rights. It’s time to take a stand and say “No More Rape Culture”.

I’ve been a Paralegal since 1991 and though contract law is my business passion, working to bring awareness to the epidemic level of sex crimes being committed and the corruption against the victims throughout our judicial system is a personal passion of mine. You see, I am a survivor of sexual violence and sex trafficking so I know how it feels to have no where to turn when our judicial system lets us down.

The People of the World are speaking out against these atrocities against humanity and our voices are getting louder and stronger every day. Will you join the movement to ‘Stop the Rape Culture’ and help protect women, children and men (1 out of 4 girls, 1 out of 6 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18) from sexual abuse and violence? As The People, we have consumer buying power and political voting power. The time to use them is NOW!!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting ‘World Court of Public Opinion‘. Please stop back often and see what’s happening in sex crimes around the World and the battles being fought to get Justice for the Victims!


Diana Grandmason – Editor

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