Announcing the Survivor Reentry Project – Time to Scrub Criminal Records of Sex Trafficking Victims

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2016-04-26 by Call Me Sunshine

Announcing the Survivor Reentry Project

American Bar Association

New Training and Technical Assistance Project on Post-Conviction Advocacy for Survivors of Human Trafficking.

With the support of the Office for Victims of Crime at the Department of Justice, the American Bar Association Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence has launched the Survivor Reentry Project (SRP). 

Many trafficking survivors are arrested for acts directly related to having been trafficked.  For many, pursuing stability and independence once no longer trafficked is hindered by their own criminal records. Encouragingly, many states have passed vacatur laws offering survivors relief.  These vacatur laws allow survivors to petition to have their records cleared if they can show that their crimes arose from their victimization.


SRP will build sustainable vacatur practices across the country by training attorneys to help survivors of human trafficking clear their criminal records.  With a faculty of consultants who have successfully litigated the first vacatur cases for survivors nationwide, the project offers free technical assistance and attorney support.  SRP will also be a resource for individual survivors, connecting survivors eligible for vacatur with trained lawyers and advocates.

The Survivor Reentry Project’s Resources are available to:

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