16-Year-Old Boy Accused of Date Raping Teen Outside Courthouse, Victim Dies Hours Later

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2015-06-19 by Call Me Sunshine

By , ABC 7 News

June 19, 2015 – 08:44 am
Updated: June 19, 2015 – 11:30 am
ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) – A 16-year-old boy is in jail, charged with raping a 19-year-old woman along the Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse’s exterior wall.

Around 11:40 p.m. Thursday, a courthouse security guard noticed a struggle between a man and woman via closed circuit surveillance cameras. The guard notified sheriff’s deputies who exited the building and witnessed Marquiz Turner, 16, of Silver Spring, allegedly forcing sexual intercourse on a 19-year-old woman. Deputies immediately took Turner into custody.

The woman told police Turner had taken her on a date to the Regal Cinemas movie theater in downtown Rockville. When the film ended, Turner expressed his desire to have sex, but the young woman told him she was not interested. As the couple walked to their car, Turner allegedly ripped off the woman’s clothing, pushed her against the courthouse’s rough concrete facade and proceeded to rape her.

“To say that this case is shocking would be an understatement,” Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office spokesman Ramon Korionoff said.

Prosecutors said the bold and heinous public date rape was captured in full by the courthouse’s high-definition surveillance cameras.

“I have no words for that actually, it’s just the stupidest thing I could ever hear,” Gaithersburg resident Pedro Branco said.

“I can’t believe that! I mean how stupid do you have to be? You go on a date with someone, big whoop… It’s a movie [that costs] $10. Does that equal sex? No,” Gaithersburg resident Emily Floria remarked.

While being questioned at the Rockville Police Department, Turner reportedly told Major Crimes detectives, “He was unwilling to accept ‘no’ for an answer,” and added, “he was going to have intercourse regardless of [his date’s] objections.”

“Unfortunately that thinking is pervasive,” said Jean Arthur, a counselor for victims of sexual abuse. “It’s just really sad that a person thinks they can do that to another person.”

Paramedics transported the victim to Shady Grove Medical Center for a forensic rape exam. While en-route, the 19-year-old stopped breathing and lost her pulse. Doctors pronounced her dead at 1 a.m., less than 90 minutes after the alleged rape occurred. Many have theorized as to what caused her death, but official autopsy and toxicology results have not yet been released.

“That’s terrifying,” Floria added. “I feel so bad for the girl. She was raped on a public street and now she’s dead? Wow, just wow!”

According to court documents, Turner is a sophomore at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac where he has a 3.7 GPA. He lives with his mother in a Silver Spring high-rise apartment building along the 1100 block of University Boulevard. No one answered the door Thursday afternoon, but neighbor Felicia Charles did.

“I’m very shocked. I think that’s disturbing. I would have never thought he would do something like that,” Charles remarked. “He never gave off that vibe.”

Turner is currently charged with second-degree rape, a felony that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. Prosecutors say additional charges may be filed depending on his deceased date’s autopsy and toxicology reports.

“The fact that a person at 16-years-old even thinks to do that, I mean it just boggles my mind. I completely don’t understand it,” Arthur concluded.

Read more: http://www.wjla.com/articles/2015/06/16-year-old-boy-accused-of-date-raping-girl-outside-circuit-courthouse-victim-dies-hours-later-11486.html#ixzz3dYrzM0ye

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